Overnight Care

Colonial Veterinary Hospital is the only private veterinary hospital in Tompkins County to offer 24-hour care for its patients. This is especially important for animals recovering from anesthesia and surgery, receiving intravenous drips, requiring frequent feedings, or having problems getting around. Our team of licensed veterinary technicians and assistants closely monitor your pet, kept it clean and comfortable, and carry out your doctor's treatment and medication orders. If there are any problems or questions, they contact your doctor or the veterinarian on call.

Note for Patients of Other Hospitals

Colonial Veterinary Hospital gladly accepts overnight and weekend care cases from other veterinarians. Your regular doctor establishes a treatment plan that our emergency doctor reviews and our licensed veterinary technicians carry out. This service gives you peace of mind that a qualified professional is monitoring your pet overnight or on the weekend, when your veterinarian may not have staff available. Your pet is able to return to your regular hospital as your veterinarian recommends.

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