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Pet Loss Support Group

The pet loss support group meets on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 316 E. Court St.

The canine or feline with whom we've had a special relationship and shared our home is often a cherished member of the family. When that companion animal dies, the grief we feel may be difficult to handle. One way to cope is by being with others who are also grieving a similar loss. The sessions are led by Jane Baker Segelken, MA, a writer, health advocate, and animal lover.

Anyone who has experienced the loss of a pet or other companion animal is encouraged to attend you do not need to be a client of Colonial Veterinary Hospital. The group provides education about coping with loss, and the emotional support from discussing common feelings. Participants are asked to bring a photograph or other memento of the companion animal they wish to honor.


ASPCA Pet Loss Hotline, 800-946-4646, enter pin number 1407211, then add your own phone number

Cornell University Pet Loss Support Hotline, 607-253-3932, T/Th 6-9 pm ET; messages will be returned

University of California-Davis -- Staffed by University of California-Davis veterinary students, 916-752-4200, weekdays, 6:30-9:30 pm, pacific time

University of Florida, Staffed by University of Florida veterinary students, 904-392-4700 then dial 1 and 4080, weekdays, 7-9 pm, eastern time

Internet Support Groups

Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement -- Pet bereavement counselors, virtual condolence cards, counselors at law for pet-related matters, In Memoriam list, bereavement for service dogs, local meetings, and more

Animal Love & Loss Network -- Counselors, local support groups, list of books, memorials, postings for missing pets, chat room -- The Rainbow Bridge story; Monday Pet Loss Candle Ceremony; message board, chat room; add pet's name to list for tributes; poetry and music in memory of pets, chat room

Rainbows Bridge Grief Support Center -- One-on-one online grief counseling, memorials, Monday Night Candle Ceremony

Argus Institute for Families and Veterinary Medicine -- Grief resources for families with pets

In Memory of Pets -- Submit a tribute, candlelight ceremony, share your pet's family story, photo gallery

Lightning Strike Pet-Loss Support Page -- The name comes from the hope that the page will provide lightning-fast help for the griever

House Rabbit Society's Pet Loss Support and Grief page -- Rabbit specific site

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