Referral Client Resources

Your veterinarian has recommended our hospital because your pet needs specialized services not available at many veterinary practices. The situation is analogous to our "human" health care system where primary care clinicians refer patients to specialists and hospitals when needed. Our doctors and staff are dedicated to working with your veterinarian to provide the best care for your pet. Your veterinarian will receive a summary of your visit including diagnostic test results and recommendations.

Referral Appointments

Please bring your pet in a carrier or on a leash and keep it under control. This is for your safety, as well as the safety of other pets, pet owners, and the staff.

Please do not forget a copy of the medical records provided by your veterinarian, as well as any X-rays. You can be of great help during the medical evaluation by providing important information about your animal's medical history, diet, physical activities, and any recent changes in health or behavior. Click here to read a list of questions about your pet's medical history that we are likely to ask.

Feel free to call 30 minutes ahead and ask a receptionist if appointments are on schedule.

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